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Einar's Ragnarok - Thor, Loki and the Eagle
Headshot Playwright Nora Louise Syran
World Premiere of EINAR'S RAGNAROK - Valbonne, France

What is Saga Scripts?

Saga is a big name for a small script and music licensing company with big dreams. 

Who is behind Saga Scripts?

I am playwright, poet, performer, producer, lyricist, translator and educator Nora Louise Syran. I am a member of the SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques), the Dramatists Guild, and the Honor Roll! I studied under poet Brigit P. Kelly and mezzo-soprano Sylvia Stone at the University of Illinois. My published/awarded/produced works include: THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE and OUR FAKE HISTORY with Next Stage Press  // ELLIS ISLAND AHEAD! -- Eldridge Plays and Musicals // THERE ARE NO CLOSETS IN MY CLASSROOM - Smith & Kraus "WE/US: Monologues for Gender Minority Characters Anthology" - and produced in June 2024 by Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective // Ragnhild's speech from EINAR'S RAGNAROK -- Smith & Kraus Best Women's Monologues 2023 // MADAME MEDUSA WOULD PREFER A CHARDONNAY -- Venus Theatre Anthology: Frozen Women, Flowing Thoughts // WALKING WARM was a semi-finalist in the TASN's 2021 Annual Short Play Festival// THE DEVIL AND THE DMV was produced and toured in October 2023 by the Heartland Theatre: Young at Heart and this May at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA// and long ago, in another lifetime SPELLBOUND HORSES won second place in the Central Illinois Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters Screenplay competition in 1993


Why Saga?

The idea for the name Saga comes from the nordic heroic tales of adventure. As a daughter of immigrants, a first generation Norwegian-American, these Nordic roots run deep in my family -- for generations. Below is a 19th century copy of the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson; it has been in my family for years (and my mother used to press flowers in it as a young girl!) While I cannot easily read the archaic script, the pages and images fueled my fascination for the stories of the norse gods. The play closest to my heart is my tapestry of norse mythology: EINAR'S RAGNAROK




Why Saga Scripts now ?

I wanted a "home" for my eclectic collection of plays for children, science songs, mysteries, short scripts etc etc. Hey, Eldridge and other publishing houses were started by playwrights trying to get their work "out there". While I'd only recently started submitting my work to established publishing houses, I took inspiration from Dolly Parton who held onto the rights to her own work. I wanted to keep my short plays for large casts IN THE LIMELIGHT together and so... it was the logical next step. (Volume 2 and 3 of IN THE LIMELIGHT will be coming as well to Amazon and Teachers Pay Teachers and eventually directly through this website) My recently reappropriated mystery play scripts from (where you can still find my private party games) will soon be available here, too.

What's the Music part about?

I've a few songs on Youtube: translations of Norwegian/Norse songs and some science songs -- notably a song for the solar eclipse THE DAY THE DAY BECAME THE NIGHT. I have plans to record royalty free vocals through --More news on this soon...

So, what now?

You'll find free perusal scripts on this website, with more to come. But each and every unpublished play on this website is available as a perusal script--just reach out and ask. Happy to send it your way asap. I'm enjoying the connections I'm making with teachers and artistic directors and so pleased to see where my work is being produced, so be in touch! 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By downloading perusal scripts you acknowledge that Nora Louise Syran is the sole copyright owner of these plays. None of these plays may be produced or reproduced in whole or in part unless permission is granted by the author. Scripts marked for Classroom use, are for classroom use only, thank you!

Note: ELLIS ISLAND AHEAD!, THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE and OUR FAKE HISTORY are licensed by Eldridge Plays and Musicals and Next Stage Press respectively but extracts of each of these plays are available through this website.

Snorri Sturluson Icelandic historian and poet
19th century copy of the Prose Edda
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