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September 1, 2024 - Publication - OUR FAKE HISTORY to be published with Next Stage Press September 1. Pre-orders and perusals available.


Publication - MADAME MEDUSA WOULD PREFER A CHARDONNAY - the Venus Theatre Anthology: Frozen Women, Flowing Thoughts

Madame Medusa Would Prefer a Chardonnay.png

June 2024 - Production -THERE ARE NO CLOSETS IN MY CLASSROOM -- produced in June 2024 by Different Strokes! Awarded one of "369 Best of"


Produced by Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective as part of 369 pt 2: Monologue and Short Play Festival (Asheville NC, 2024) Brought to life off the page by the talents of: Glenna Grant - Teacher Stephanie Hickling Beckman - Director

May 2024 - Production - THE DEVIL & THE DMV - Berkshire School, Sheffield MA

devil and the dmv.jpeg
devil and the dmv 2.jpeg

March 2024 - Production - Speed-Dating: A Day at the Races was broadcast on Radio Six International by Glen Dickson with The Writer's Block Radio Hour


February 2024 - A Special Shoutout ! - "Décidemment, Nora Louise Syran est, par les temps qui courent, la meilleure ambassadrice des chansons du Tonton Marcel. La poétesse et dramaturge américaine continue, à travers sa performance « Impressions of Paris », à promouvoir, pour un public anglophone, les chansons de Marcel Legay. Sa pièce, sous-titrée « A Play with the Music of Montmartre », met en scène plusieurs artistes de la Belle Epoque (Suzanne Valadon, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Aristide Bruant, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Gustave Caillebotte, Edouard Manet, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes , Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec… ) et comporte treize chansons (dont sept de Marcel Legay) qui pour la plupart ont été chantées dans les cabarets artistiques de la Belle Epoque"

January 2024 - Production - I AM THE CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE was broadcast on Radio Six International by Glen Dickson with Writer's Block Radio Hour


AND playwrights, actors & directors WATCH Miranda Jonte present it as a "prepared cold read" with Back Porch Theater on Facebook --she finds the joy in it!

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 1.19.50 PM.png

Spring 2024 - Shoutouts ! - I am the Center of My Universe “ Leave it to Nora Louise Syran to find (literally) universal joy in the discovery of one's own solipsism. As someone who contemplates the beauty of celestial objects and the inconstancy of one's location on an ever-moving planet hurtling through space so that from moment to moment we are never where we were and will never be there again, this monologue was a warm arrow to my heart, a sparkler in my brain, and a salve for my weary soul. [Miranda Jonte's Back Porch Theatre recitation captures all this magic.] And talk about great last lines... Bravo! ”

December 2023 - Publication - EINAR'S RAGNAROK --Smith and Kraus Best Women's Monologues 2023

best women's 2023.jpeg
einar best women's 2023.jpeg

October 2023 - Production - THE DEVIL AND THE DMV was produced by the Heartland Theatre: Young at Heart

young at heart devil & the dmv.jpeg
devil and the dmv heartland.jpeg
devil and the dmv with cast.jpeg

October 2023 - On the Shelves! - THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE makes it to the shelves of The Drama Book Shop in NYC & Niche Books in Valbonne, France!

twelvedaysofchristmasinfrance at drama book shop.jpeg

October 2023 - Publication -Volume 1 Collection of short plays for large casts: IN THE LIMELIGHT (primary/elementary-middle school) So, for now Volume 1 is available through Amazon and TPT Volumes 2 and 3 are in the works...(I've years and years of short school productions to still polish up and pull together...)


September 2023 - Interview - I had the great fortune of appearing on Rachel Feeny-Williams's Theatrical Shenanigans with three other playwrights and Rachel, producer/playwright herself.

July 2023 - Publication - My short tragedy OUT, OUT DAMNED BIRD! is published in Literature Today

May 2023 - Production - A DAY AT THE CIRCUS

March 2023 - Finalist - My monologue ELLIDA inspired by Ibsen's "Fruen fra havet" / "Lady from the Sea" was a finalist for Forward Theater Company’s "Out in This World" Monologue Festival.

March 2023 - Publication - THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is published by Next Stage Press

A Perdrix in a Plum Tree (4) (1)_edited.jpg

December 2022 - Publication - THERE ARE NO CLOSETS IN MY CLASSROOM Published in 2023 by Smith & Kraus "WE/US: Monologues for Gender Minority Characters Anthology"

Untitled design (36).png

November 2022 - Publication - ELLIS ISLAND AHEAD! by Eldridge Plays and Musicals

Secular Mark Publishing Logo Stacked Color.jpg

Autumn 2021 - Publication - Walking Warm in the Review Americana

June 2021 - Semi-Finalist - WALKING WARM ("A Bucket of Crabs") was a semi-finalist in the 4th annual TASN's 2021 Annual Short Play Festival

Another lifetime ago, 1993 -Awarded Second Place - SPELLBOUND HORSES -by the Central Illinois Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters Screenplay competition

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